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Is pleased to introduce

Westport's own state-of-the-art mobile audio guide brings arts, culture, and history directly to your fingertips. Watch video above for the tour


Go to the App Store on your mobile phone and Download
the FREE OtoCast app today... it's easy!

Click here to download for iPhone

Click here to download for Android

OtoCast knows where you are, so if you are in Westport,
the Westport Tours will be on top (screen below, left),
otherwise, just search or scroll for it.

  • EASY. Tap the icon of the tour you want to explore (below, left)


  • Tap the icon of the category you want to explore (i.e. Arts Education, below right) and then swipe to the left to see photos.


  • Tap on "Info" tab to read a brief description.

  • Tap "Photos" tab to see photos again


  • Tap "Get Here" tab to get directions

  • Tap triangular play button at bottom to hear brief narration.

We hope you ENJOY your virtual visit to
Westport's cultural and historic treasures!

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