About WAAC

Established in 1994 by the late artist and educator Burt Chernow with founding members Ruth Steinkraus Cohen, Ann Chernow, David Rogers, John Simon and Ann Sheffer, the Westport Arts Advisory Committee (WAAC) is committed to increasing public awareness of the Town's cultural resources, past and present: its artists, artworks and institutions.


Appointed by the First Selectman, WAAC advises on the preservation of Westport’s legacy as an arts community, oversight of the Town Art Collection and ways to increase the visibility of the arts in our community.


WAAC meets on the second Tuesday each month at noon at Town Hall. Meetings are noticed and open to the public.

Current members of the committee are shown below.

Kathie Bennewitz

Miggs Burroughs

Eric Chiang

Frederic Chiu

Nancy Diamond

John Dodig

Richard Epstein

Lee Goldstein

Jerri Graham

Deirdre Kelly

Diane Lowman

Charles Rosoff

Carole Schweid

Elizabeth Strick

Doug Tirola

Kimberly Wilson

Jim Marpe
First Selectman

Ann Chernow
Honorary Founding

Ann Sheffer
Honorary Founding

Westport Arts Advisory Committee from 1994 to the present
Millette Alexander, Kathie Bennewitz, Miggs Burroughs, Ann Chernow, Burt Chernow,
Ruth Steinkraus Cohen, Nancy Diamond, Mollie Donovan, Alfred Eiseman, Richard Epstein,
Kristin McKinney, Leslie Greene, John M. Hanulik, Sandra Lefkowitz, Natalie Maynard, Herbert Meyers, Joan Miller, Kim Cooper Owades, Thomas O'Connor, Richard Pauker, David Rogers, David Rubinstein, Elise Russi, Carole Schweid, Ann Sheffer, John Simon,Sybil Steinberg, Elizabeth Strick.
Jim Marpe, First Selectman.

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